Changing Your Oil the Easy Way

Changing Your Oil the Easy Way

First of all you'll need to do some research to make sure you get the proper oil for your vehicle. The weight is very critical; you don't want to put the wrong weight in your vehicle, especially with today's tight tolerances on engines. A lot of folks will want to put a heavier oil in as it gets higher mileage and with newer cars that's absolutely something you don't want to do.

So I've got 111,000 miles on this Jeep, so I got high mileage oil in the proper viscosity for my vehicle. I also did some research because the standard for many cars for many years was five quarts of oil then some cars are 4 quarts or 3.8 quarts so on and so forth.

This particular Jeep is a 6-quart capacity so I bought the 5 quart jug and I also bought an extra one so I could get to the 6 quarts of oil that I'm going to need for this particular vehicle. 

Alright so here are the tools I'm going to be using today. The Powerbuilt self-adjusting oil filter pliers are great. I've been using these for quite a long time they work extremely well especially if you have a real stubborn oil filter to take off.

These grip the oil filter very tight and have an awesome range - 2-1/4 to 4-3/4 inches.

And they've got a new one out with the 30-degree bend on it to get in deep in tighter spaces. Same technology - self-adjusting with a really nice grip and a similar range of capacity for the oil filters.

I don't really need the extra room on this particular vehicle but I'm going to go ahead and give this new one a shot. I'm also going to be using just a standard flex head Powerbuilt ratchet - a really nice ratchet.

I didn't do the oil change last time on this particular vehicle but the drain bolt has got some damage on it. These Powerbuilt Zeon sockets have been around a while now. They are specifically designed for regular fasteners but also damaged and rounded they'll actually do up to an 85 percent rounded fastener.

So you can see that's a good fastener on here - this is 85% rounded it to get in there you can see this thing is just completely damaged. I can actually get a really nice grip on this thing with this Zeon socket because of their broaching design in here.

So it can be used on a good fastener and it protects it, it can be used on a damaged fastener as well. It's awesome for drain plugs because it's a very common issue with drain plugs.

This is also new from Powerbuilt this is an original equipment oil filler funnel. You've got all these different adapters - original equipment adapters for Ford, Chevy, Toyota, Lexus... you name it and then they've also got some universal adapters in there as well. 

This is the one that fits this Jeep it's labeled Chrysler, fits the Jeep perfectly and I'll show you how this whole thing works but this is brand new from them and a really nice setup.

Normally you'd need a jack to jack up your vehicle to get under it. But you can see I'm working on this Jeep with 35-inch tires. So I don't really need to lift it up to get under it.

But I wanted to point out some of these cool new lift items from Powerbuilt. This is their newest low profile jack and I like the fact that it has a foot pedal on it - a nice added feature, extremely high quality. This particular one is a 2-1/2 ton jack.

Here's the 3 Ton Unijack -they've had this one for quite a while.These work fantastic for trucks and off-road vehicles. I'm able to lift even this lifted vehicle up quite a bit. I was able to do my entire brake job using just these Unijack jack stands. It's got a built-in hydraulic jack so it's a jack and a jack stand all in one. Absolutely fantastic item.

And then I really like this work seat. A lot of folks will have a creeper and a work seat to do brake jobs. This one does both. Really nice design. So I was able to do my brakes by using this rolling work seat. You can do some detail work with it. It works in a lot of different configurations. Today I'm going to use it creeper style. So you can see just how easy it is to change the configuration of it. 

And although I won't be using this today, I did want to point out another cool item from Powerbuilt. It's their truck step. As you can see I've got some very big tires on this - 35-inch tires. This thing is fully adjustable to fit a very wide range set of tires and wheels.

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