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Leather Reconditioning Agent

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$12.99 USD
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$12.99 USD

Validity: three years

Weight: 100g

Volume: 100ml

Product features:

Suitable for dashboards, leather seats, synthetic leather products, etc. to increase surface gloss, decontamination and dust removal. The unique lemon scent brings with it natural feelings and can also be applied to the glazing of household appliances, furniture and plastic products. Take care of your car. One spray each, decontamination, glazing, one-off completion.


Shake well before use, keep a distance of 15-25 cm and spray evenly. Rub gently with a cloth to achieve a nice shine. When using in tires, please wash off the dirt first.


1. Keep away from children;

2. Please protect in a cool and dry place below 40 degrees and from sunlight.

3. Please test it in other parts of the body before use and continue to use this product after no adverse reactions have occurred.

4. Accidental eye contact should be cleaned immediately with clean water and confirmed by medical treatment.