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U Shape Car Door Edge Protector, 5M

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This U Shape Car Door Edge Protector protect your Vehicle from Nicks, Chips and Scratches.


  • In the metal edge of the car body between the car door, window or other external edge of the car. The adhesive tape is designed to paste on the inside door edge, therefore it will not leave any residue.
  • Waterproof, noise isolation, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, anti-aging, UV resistance.

    Easy To Install:

    • Clean the door edge to remove any oil, wax & dust. Make sure the door is dry before continuing.
    • Uncover the tape from the tip of the lining (Ensure the tape is install inside the door).
    • Start from the top, insert the lining onto your door edge until the lining is fully seated.
    • Press the lining with your thumb along the door edge until it is fully seated.
    • Repeat step 4 until all edges are protected.
    • Use scissors to cut away unused lining for other door edges.


    • Material: Rubber
    • Color: Black
    • Length: 5m
    • Width: 10mm
    Package Included:
      1× U Shape Car Door Edge Protector, 5M