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Universal Car Interior Cleaning Agent

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  • SAFE: It is environmental protection, safe and non-toxic.
  • PROTECT: Fights fading, aging, cracking, and provides UV protection. Their wipes are perfect for your car's dash, vinyl, consoles, leather and more.
  • RESTORE: Bring your car back to that "like new" feel. Adds deep, rich beauty to dashes, and other interior surfaces. They also renew and revitalize vinyl, rubber, and plastic.
  • FRESH: Keeps your car clean from all the dirt and debris that finds its way inside your car's interior. Easily remove even ground-in dirt and grime. Wipes won't dry out, damage or fade.
  • DEEP CLEANING: It deeply cleans the leather surface and maintains the leather goods. It increases the brightness while offering effective cleaning.


  • The nozzle can be rotated and adjusted to close or open.
  • When the nozzle cover is closed, foam will be sprayed (suitable for non-fabric parts such as leather and door panels); when the mesh cover is opened, aerosol will be sprayed (suitable for ceilings and fabric parts)


  • Weight: 500ML
  • Storage Condition: Cool & dry place.
  • Shelf life: 3 years


  • 1 x Car Interior Cleaning Agent